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The Top Drop Putter1 The Top Drop

Made from rare timbers and with a brass face for a soft and balanced feel this model epitomizes the craftsmanship of the Club Maker.
By having 70% of the weight forward of the shaft we have developed a unique balancing system never seen in putters before.
What this means to the golfer is a more consistent strike of the ball. Having all this weight in front virtually pulls the head down and through the ball promoting a smooth balanced stroke, and as we all know Balance equals Control.
The Top Drop is available in 2 styles: Mallet and Indented. These are strictly aesthetic, both types perform equally on the greens.

Price : AUD $ 160.00

The Top Drop
The Top Drop

For the Aussie market please contact the factory direct on +613 9551 5650
1 Elliott Cres, Dingley Village, 3172, Victoria, Australia
Phone/Fax :+61 (0)3 9551 5650 / Mobile +61 (0)402 062 889
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