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The Smooth Drop Putter3 The Smooth Drop

Feature a half round face. With the striking surface being round the contact with the ball is much finer than that of a conventional flat face. The outer surface of a golf ball is quite irregular with the many humps and hollows (dimples) that help with the flight but not with the putting. You have all seen what a grain or two of sand on the ball or the face can do to a putt. If you catch one of these dimples at just the wrong angle you can say goodbye to the putt. This is given merit by some ball manufacturers now producing golf balls that you can line up in such away that where you strike the ball is a perfectly flat surface.
If you are not using one of these golf balls then the round striking surface can reduce the chance of hump hitting by 35%.

The round face also negates the ‘How did I hit it so well last week syndrome’.
We can’t all play as often as we like and when we do it is only a fortunate few who can get everything working just right when the putts were rolling in a few weeks ago. Was the ball in the middle or near my left foot? Were my hands forward or back?, there are so many elements to putting well. The round face putter removes many of these variables. Moving your hands forward or back wont change the loft of the face, a major cause of putting inconsistencies.

Price : AUD $ 160.00

The Smooth Drop
The Smooth Drop

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