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Drop Putters

DROP Putters are hand made in Australia blending the age old craft of club making with the technology of today.

The faces are formed from brass and a new polymer resin while the timbers which form the back of the putters are rare Australian woods:
Fiddleback Blackwood , Queensland Walnut, Jarrah , Murray River Red Gum, Blackbean & Huon Pine.

Each club is created with its own stylish and individual look.

Special Features

The shaft is positioned behind the face to allow a maximum view for alignment. A unique balancing system places 80% of the total head weight forward of the shaft in the face of the putter, precisely along the striking zone.

Two types of faces are used, a conventional flat face and a rounded face. Total face balancing is also available when ordering.

SHAFTS: Apollo Double Bend . Standard lengths of 34, 35 & 36 inches.
HEAD WEIGHT: 325 grams, variations can be specified.
HEAD COVERS: Each putter comes with it's own acrylic fur head cover for maximum protection.

The exclusive 'rounded face' design of the DROP Putter removes a golfer's swing error when stroking at the ball. If the club head comes in to the ball on the wrong angle, the curve in the putter's face automatically corrects for the error and pushes the ball in the desired direction. This feature has been publicly demonstrated many times including on national television and never fails to amaze all who see it.

The Exclusive 'Rounded Face'

The Poly Drop

The Poly Drop is the latest addition to our range.

It's another unique design, The heavy soleplate provides a very low centre of gravity. This equates to much straighter hits on all types of putting surfaces.

The special polymer resin face is poured into the wood in liquid form. This creates a perfect bonding to the wood to maintain the soft feel that DROP has become famous for.


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