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The DROP Putter Story

The DROP Putter was developed in Melbourne, Australia, by Peter O'Leary. Here is how he tells the story of the club's development.

They say necessity is the mother of invention.

I've been a keen golfer for about 30 years and, like many golfers, I had a favourite putter: a Ben Hogan blade. Unfortunately for me this trusty blade was lost about 16 years ago and that was the start of my search for it's twin.

Following two frustrating and fruitless years of trying every putter I could lay my hands on, I headed for the workshop to make my own.

After many weird and wonderful designs and much laughter from my mates, I finally came up with the basic formula I still use today.

Once I had a prototype and had tested certain variations to hone the precision of the blade, the balance, I was ready to expose my new DROP Putter to golfers for testing. The purely positive reception it received by all who used it affirmed that I had developed a new concept in putting theory that would improve the game of accomplished and 'rank amateur' golfers. The DROP Putter went into production!

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